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Axxon LF729KB, 16 Port RS232 I/O Card, PCI Express (PCIe)

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Axxon LF729KB, 16 Port RS232 I/O Card, PCI Express (PCIe)

Mark: Average

The New Card is for PCIe and It's a 16-Port Adaptor With RS232 Interface for Use With the IBM platform including drivers for OS2.

Axxon Computer Corporation introduces the industry's first 16 port PCI Express (PCIe) compatible I/O card suitable for a Plug & Play installation in IBM compatible chassis.

With over 2.5 years of design and shipping maturity of 30+ innovative PCI Express products, Axxon knows PCIe interfacing. Select OEM accounts have been beta testing our latest PCIe model # LF729KB for over a month. The LF729KB is a 4th generation design foundation to support both Linux and the Apple MAC OS without add-on drivers, without add-on modules and without kernel rebuilds. This support is in addition to the OS/2, QNX and Windows 32/64 bit driver suites. This adapter contains the enhanced Oxford 16C950 UART with 128 byte buffers (8 times competing UART technologies), hardware flow control and 921k communication speeds.

"Axxon is clearly the first and leading choice for PCI Express adapter cards. Model # LF729KB is another industry first model to offer support on both the IBM and Apple platforms," states Kumar Bhatia, Senior Design Engineer for Axxon.

"OEMs like Intel, Dell, Motorola, Medtronic and HP/Compaq have been deploying Axxon PCIe cards for years. These ongoing business relationships further validate the compatibility and stability of our products," comments Bhatia.

Model # LF729KB is available worldwide with included VHDCI complex cables at a price of $599.95 USD (North America).


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