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ASUS M2N32 WS Professional

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ASUS M2N32 WS Professional

Mark: Very good

This computer is a new home built assembly and not fully tested.

My Hardware Setup on this motherboard

  • CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+
  • memory: 4x1g DDR667
  • Video: ATI All in Wonder X600 series
  • CD/DVD rw ide
  • HDD 1xide, 4xSATA
  • no floppy drive, (USB floppy available if required)
  • no telephone modem, (available, but internet and lan is through a DSL modem and Router)

Initially, just as a test,I installed eComStation 2.0 RC7 Silver into the above configuration. Booting from the CD I used the menu with my own values, The hardware was identified correctly and in the right quantity (USB controllers), I left the "Safe mode, modern hardware" alone and did not select ACPI/APM. The only other changes I made were to select VGA instead of SNAP/Panorama, re-assign the reserved drive and deselect the hard disk integrity check and started the Installer. Installation was done using the Advanced Install option and "migrated/no format" into a logical partition (previously prepared by dfSee as a bootable JFS voume and formatted by booting to the CD's command line). The only the only Installation hardware selections I made were, uniaud, video as VGA and added a serial port. The network installation correctly identified the network adaptor and offered to install Nikki's NETH.OS2 driver. The only other selections I made were adding some additional apps and changing some paths, everything else was the default selections.

When I started the installation, everything went smoothly until the network installation where the installation of the "IBM dialup Tools" hung. I reformatted and during the Installation selections did as above and de-selected the IBM Dialup Tools. The installation went smoothly with no other problems: the desktop came up and sound came out of the speakers, FireFox connected to the internet. The full SNAP-os2-318 installed and configured correctly. Using the "Post Installation Tasks" the ACPI selected the switches /SMP /APIC and installed.

The eCS2silver installation has yet to exhibit any problems other than PSCOM.SYS hangs the boot process and ACPI occasionally performs a warm re-boot rather than a complete shutdown/power off. The operating system is still basically as installed and not tweaked or customized There have been no issues with what few applications I have installed.

Circumstances (my working machine starting to fail), caused me to cheat and clone eCS12mr and applications onto this computer. The only changes I had to make were to a change from the old 3com network adapter to the Nvidia one, and a major cheat to get Audio I replaced the old \MMOS2\*.* completely by deleting it and xcopying over the eCS2silver \MMOS2\*.* completely and modified/replaced the eCS12 config.sys with those of the silver installation. Everything has worked as before.

I have yet to experiment with the other features of this motherboard or ensure that either of my eCS systems are properly configured for this hardware.



Information is sent by: Jim Hughes -- 2010-05-27 18:10:52



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