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eComStation is a greatly different operating system for PC (IBM OS/2 Warp)
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Upgrade ArcaOS to NeoWPS level

  • Install original PNG icons drawed by designer, specialized at OS/2 adornation.
  • Install eSchemes 2018 to change colors and buttons on desktop.

eSchemes colour mood

TITLE: eSchemes colour mood

DATE: 2007-10-11 19:23:10

AUTHOR: eCo Software

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eSchemes provides full control over desktop decoration. It uses .sch scheme files which contain description of new colors, new buttons and icons.

Please read the installation instructions, economize your time. (install run-times, make correct choices in the installer)

1. How to change schemes?

eSchemes is integrated into your Desktop. After installation you are equipped with Preview scheme window, editor and pack of schemes:

Folder with colour schemes

You can find the folder with schemes here: Local System -> System setup -> Colors and Fonts folder -> Schemes palette folder -> .sch packages
(Download more schemes from our site or exchange schemes with friends).

Before apply, please view the scheme. Click the file, editor is started:

View/Edit scheme

To apply, select scheme file, call popup menu, select Apply scheme.

Applying new scheme

If a scheme mixed colors then you can return to original colors - apply eComStation.sch scheme.

How to modify a scheme?

We do not recommend create own schemes, this is the responsibility of designers.

2. How to setup fonts in web-browser?

Step A: Install Microsoft fonts (ms font pack, download, install using Font Palette).

Step B: Setup web-browser:

If using large monitor (19" or larger) then we recommend:

Increase the size of fonts in web-brower. Example:

  • Tools -> Options -> /Content\ -> Default font = 16 -> 24
  • Tools -> Options -> /Content\ -> [Advanced] -> Monospace = 13 -> 16
  • Tools -> Options -> /Content\ -> [Advanced] -> Minimum font size = None -> 16

3. How to setup fonts in applications?


  • system menu -> Font size = 22 x 12

4. How to setup eCenter?

Check the fonts of the widgets.

  • Dark background - then drop white color (keep Ctrl pressed to change the color of text)
  • Light background - then drop black color

5. How to magnify an area on desktop?

Use a magnifier (fatbits, magnify2, lens, os2magni)

Additional information:

Test the program:

ACPI kernel - it is aimed to reduce power consumption, noise (results of experiments)


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