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OS/2 is a greatly different operating system for PC (ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp)
Applications, news, reviews, support of users, hardware, questions and answers.
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Summary of changes 5.0.2

- (Installer) remove DST from Western Australian timezone
- Updated USBMMON (SHL changes to logging)
- Updated Warp 4 icon theme files
- Fixed net names in IBMLS.RSP when interface numbers are non-contiguous
- Updated ArcaMapper
- Updated Uniaud32 to v2.02.04
- Updated TOP to 2.14 (adds support for force kill via CADH.SYS)
- Updated DFSee to 15.0 (scripting enhancements necessary for USB imaging)
- Updated testlog.exe
- Updated Panorama to 1.10
- Updated DiskUtil v1.34
- Added MMMSK IDs to device database
- Added resources for INFRARED.PDR
- Moved USBWARN to memory disk
- Removed (temporarily) ISOMNT.CMD and UNISOMNT.CMD files
- Updated ENDPHASE.CMD to avoid ISOFSDMN.EXE conflict with ISOFS.WPI
- Updated MINILVM (fixed cosmetic issue in API error reporting)
- Deleted unused CALC.HLP (app is not shipped)
- Fixed disk number for unsupported partitioning error
- Changed LVM wrapper return code for unsupported partitioning scheme (was
  70, now 0x01xx) to include the disk number and to accept Large Floppy
  devices <= 2GB; updated MINILVM and DISKUTIL accordingly
- Enabled ISOFS WPI installation by default
- Updated certificate bundles
- Updated AHCI
- Updated ANXWP to build 2017-11-28
- Try to avoid text clipping at medium font on single-vol LAN options page
- Updated bootstrap and on-disc repo (fixes #1230)
- Updated spelling of 'removable'
- Updated ANPM, FAT32, ftconfig
- Fixed LAN books install
- Better validation of Moz apps install path
- Updated AiR-Boot to v1.1.4; added manual
- Updated dump formatter to latest versions
- Updated LVM wrapper to detect non-MBR format disks
- Corrected UPM objects to point to boot drive @@fixes 1532
- Fixed File and Print Client install image (requester and server versions
  of some files were mixed up) @@fixes 1358
- Removed unused klibccfg.dll
- Updated Source Serif Pro (now includes Cyrillic) and Source Code Pro
- Updated PMDCALCP to latest (now has proper folder icon)
- Updated MPTS syslevel to WR_8709
- Added MNTISO files to systools package
- Added AOSBoot (AltBoot) to build
- Tweaked logon dialog resources
- Selective install cleanup (removes some additional junk files)
- Updated MPTN protocol files to PJ30659 plus socketsk from ACPI package
- Updated NAPS, LMSYNC and CUPSWIZ builds
- Updated MultiMac drivers to 20171019
- Updated DVD Tools, Archive Tool, eCoRT
- New USB 11.17
- Set dialog border on product information box, @@fixes 1016
- Added known third-party SCSI drivers to installer GUI and backend
- Updated Samba (Heimdal packages) to 4.4.13; updated repodata
- Updated REXXLIB and ENDPHASE from AltBoot package (necessary for USB stick boot)
- Adjusted name & location of LVM desktop objects
- Added mtools to tools directory
- Changed boot menu version string to show ArcaOS version
- Improved Wifi NIC detection for some T61 models (possibly others)
- Don't add AMouse directory to PATH
- Updated ACPI 3.23.07
- Updated missing acpistat command
- Added find.exe to DVD boot environment
- Updated SMP retail kernel to 14.201
- Updated SMP debug kernel to 14.104b
- Update PrintMan to 0.70
- Updated testlog to V3.03
- Removed 10ec:8139 wildcard detection entry



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Database of OS/2 compatible hardware


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