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OS/2 is a greatly different operating system for PC (ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp)
Applications, news, reviews, support of users, hardware, questions and answers.
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Summary of changes 5.0.4

- New feature: Updater
- New feature: 2GBFIX for DOS & Win-OS/2 sessions
- Updated NewView to 2.19.7
- Updated ANXWP to
- updated ITHEME to v2.22
- Updated samba-client to 4.9.5-2
- Updated heimdal and heimdal-libs to 7.6.0-0
- Updated Samba and Heimdal in maintenance/install environment 
     to 4.9.5 and 7.5.0
- Updated Samba plugin to 3.5
- Updated TestLog
- Updated autoreboot
- Updated Styler to 1.1.201
- Updated SMBPDR package to include readme and changelog
- Improved FAT32.IFS placement in CONFIG.SYS
- Set default SHELLHANDLESINC to 40
- Updated CfgApps icon and documentation
- Updated YUM/RPM bootstrap to 2019-05-22 and on-disc repo content
- Added bootstrap and on-disc repo content for pentium4 arch
- Added BRLaser CUPS RPM to on-disc repo
- Updated ANPM to 1.0.4
- Updated 4OS2 to 3.09
- Updated Lucide to 1.5.0 GA
- Added missing shutdown.exe to Styler package
- Added RWINI 1.20
- Added support for new Japanese era name in install-time generated user
- Fixed Japanese era-based date display (year now renders correctly when
  %EY used)
- Removed nonexistent background bitmaps in URL folders
- Updated resellers in Web Sites folder
- Fixed AltBoot to allow VGA booting without hang
- Updated Installation Volume Manager to v2.43
- Updated DFSee OEM engine to 16.0
- Install PDF manuals to hard disk
- Updated ACPI to 3.23.11
- Updated Dynamic Icons to 2.5.1
- Updated CUBE to v3.0
- Updated eCo runtime to 20190214
- Updated ConfigApps to v1.2.0 with NLS support
- Updated PRINTMAN to 0.85
- Updated CUPSWIZ to 1.18 (now supports EPSONINK)
- Added "Don't reboot automatically" checkbox to installer copying page
- Updated Panorama to v1.13
- Updated Installer help
- Updated Disk Utility help
- Updated RXULS.DLL to 0.06.1
- Don't install APM if no power management is selected
- Updated NAPS to v1.15
- Updated AN PNG Icons to 2019-01-31
- Updated Installer to 1.33 r531
- (Installer) Response file install: phase 2 countdown now works as expected
- (Installer) Keyboard selection dropdown now works
- (Installer) Keyboard selection from preboot properly matched
- (Installer) Pass font size to utilities on System Management pages
- (Installer) Make font selection combobox on first page taller
- (Installer) Updated locale page timezone lists
- (Installer) Preserve installer font size selection in phase 2+
- (Installer) Select None for IDE driver if no driver is detected or set
- (Installer) Set default keyboard and codepage passthrough from preboot
- (Installer) Reverted NewView to View on install media
- (Installer) Locales corrected for Canary Islands
- (Installer) Added Send TestLog item to System Management menu
- Updated HiDisk to 1.10
- Updated IFX to 1.23
- Updated MEMLIMIT to 1.10
- Updated ISOFS to 1.1.1
- Various dialog enhancement updates
- Installer applets now respect font setting, and other minor UI tweaks
- Updated WarpIN to 1.0.23
- Updated Droid Fonts package (new version of Droid Sans Combined with
  kerning fixes).
- Updated LMSYNC to 1.21
- Updated to MEM.EXE to 1.1
- Corrected preboot menu list misspellings on keyboard dropdown
- Updated preboot help
- Updated Archive Tool to 1.03
- Make sure XCenter (if installed) is set to auto-open after final reboot
- Corrected BWW folder ID
- Updated VROBJEX.DLL to v1.33
- Corrected TZ standard vs dst zone names
- Improved master volume setting logic
- Added suite.xqs to SeaMonkey package
- Updated GRADD.SYS to 2.1
- Added missing UNIAUD support files
- Updated MultiMac drivers to latest release builds
- Updated AMouse to 3.01.03
- Resynced EN timezone database
- Updated PNGIO to 1.09.2
- Updated MINILVM (Logical Volume Manager - Simple) to 2.42
- Fixed timezone variable Export syntax
- Disk Utility language resource fixes
- Updated Archive Viewer to 2.24
- Fixed EURO locale names
- Rename Macedonia-FYR to North Macedonia in preboot menu
- Improved time synchronization startup object parameters
- Updated PSPRINT to 30.907
- Replaced TESTCFG[2].SYS with new unified version 5.2
- Set correct text file associations on Text Editor
- Updated PREGUI.EXE
- Fixed (by preventing) spurious logged error from attrib on non-DBCS systems
- Fixed incorrect DBCS Win-OS/2 entries, fixes bad video driver 
     configuration when
  C: drive not used.
- Updated TIMESET to 1.13
- Turn on Digital Transfer in CD-Audio devices by default
- Updated CALL_EXE.SYS messages
- Updated Resizer message files
- Updated ISOFS WPI to 1.1.1
- Automatically filter memory drive from PMFORMAT and PMCHKSEL when run
  from install media
- Fixed abend in PMCHKSEL when run in non-install mode
- Updated AOSLDR to 1.08
- Updated USB to 12.01



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