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OS/2 is a greatly different operating system for PC (ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp)
Applications, news, reviews, support of users, hardware, questions and answers.
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eComStation and supported hardware, 2007

Read the reports about tested notebooks and barebones in the Hardware database.


  • Good notebooks: IBM, Lenovo, ASUS, Dell.
  • This notebooks usually work: Toshiba, Samsung, Sony, LG, HP.
  • Black list: Acer notebooks have poor ACPI tables often. (Acer = Packard Bell, EMachines)
  • No information about: Nec, Fujitsu Siemens, Benq, MSI, RB, Panasonic.

(Market of notebooks: 2007, 2006)

How to select good notebook?

  • Attention! Check the list of tested notebooks (some models have broken ACPI tables)
  • SATA-controller should work in Compatible mode // check BIOS Setup (Some notebooks support AHCI mode only)
  • check the chipset: Intel, NVidia or VIA
  • then *Ethernet* and WiFi should be supported;
  • Videoadapter is supported by Panorama VESA or Scitech SNAP; If the notebook has wide-screen LCD then
    • Select ATI or Intel. Never buy notebooks with NVidia video-adapter.
    • the requirements of Panorama Widescreen activator (usually you should select model with Intel, ATI X1600 or higher; even if SNAP supports the video adapter, it may fail to activate the wide mode)
  • PCMCIA usually is not supported or difficult to setup. Modem is not supported.
  • The notebook should be equipped with Power Off button. If keep the power off button pressed during 3 seconds then it should power off even if system is hanging.

Fashionable notebooks

Every manufacturer (ASUS, Sony, Acer, Dell, ..) is offering light and compact notebooks. By default, any non-standard/expensive notebook should work with eComStation.

Known problems:

  • mini-notebooks are using non-standard video modes. Test the notebook before purchase.


eComStation should work on any barebone:

How to select good desktop/barebone? To use eComStation, you should invest extra money some times.

  • Intel, NVidia, VIA chipsets are supported.
  • SATA-controller should work in Compatible mode // check BIOS Setup (Some notebooks support AHCI mode only)
  • Video card - any card. If possible, buy the model supported by SNAP. Sometimes, you should buy one more adapter if have problems with current one.
  • Onboard cardreaders are not supported. So, buy USB Card-reader
  • Audio. HDAudio is supported (some models are unusable to watch movies)
  • Attention! Check the list of tested barebones (some models have broken ACPI tables)

All-in-One PC

Check the list of tested All-in-one models (some models have broken ACPI tables)

Read IT news:
  • XtremeNotebooks
  • Sony VGC
  • Gateway's One
  • Dell XPS One

How to assemble eComStation PC by yourself?


Motherboards with Intel, NVidia, VIA chipset; USB controllers are supported; PATA/SATA controllers are supported by Danis506;


  • Requirements: BIOS, PCI BIOS. (EFI is not supported; boards without PCI BIOS are not recommended)


  • Supported CPUs: Core Duo, AMD X2, Pentium Celeron, ..



    • Monitor: LCD monitor, 1 DVI, up to 24", resolution up to 2048x..

    Network adapters


    PATA/SATA/USB CD-ROMs are supported; We recommend DVD/CD Toys to burn disks


    Some HDAudio adapters are supported:

    Old cheap adapters are supported:


    Always buy keyboard with PS/2 *and* USB connector, don't buy USB-only keyboards.

    Unsupported hardware

    • Bluetooth, Firewire
    • RAID controllers (old models are supported)
    • PC Card, ExpressCard are not supported (if ACPI is activated)



    For dummies

    Report: OS/2 compatible hardware


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